Adopt… Don’t Shop

So you’ve decided it is time to bring a new pet into your home. You won’t regret it! That new dog or cat will provide you and your family with much happiness and love. “For a detailed comparison of adopting and buying, see the article ‘Is It Better to Adopt or Buy a Dog?

Impulse buying has become a mainstay in many people’s daily lives but shouldn’t be a factor when considering a pet. There are thousands of pets residing in shelters across our country; often they have only a few days to be adopted before their fate is sealed in order to make room for more lost pets. As a veterinarian in Saint Lucie County, I know this is an unfortunate daily occurrence in our local community. Each time a pet is purchased, another one of these shelter pets loses a potential home. Adopting rather than buying a pet will also help to curb the business of breeding. The bottom line is that there are just too many dogs and cats and not enough homes.

The worst place to get a new pet is either in a pet store or through the internet. This veterinarian believes that most internet sites selling dogs attract many unscrupulous Sellers. They often present their puppies for sale as those being “privately” bred and raised when in fact the puppies are produced in mass quantities in commercial settings. These types of breeding facilities have no regard to eliminating unwanted traits in a breeding line. If you still decide to buy a pet, make sure you visit the pet at its home and meet the Sellers and the others in the litter.

When visiting a shelter, be aware and honest to yourself as to what your lifestyle is like. Is someone home for most of the day? Do you have time to train your new friend? Do you have other pets in your home? Are there small children in your family? A knowledgeable shelter volunteer should be able to guide you to their available pets that will complete your family!

Our Advice on Choosing Between Adopting and Buying a Pet

Why should adopting a pet be preferred over buying one from a pet store?

Adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organization not only saves the life of a homeless animal but also contributes to reducing the overpopulation problem. Pet stores often source their animals from commercial breeding facilities, which may prioritize profit over animal welfare. Additionally, adopting allows you to provide a loving home to a needy pet while supporting ethical and responsible pet ownership.

How can adopting a pet help reduce the business of breeding?

Adopting a pet reduces the demand for commercially bred animals, discouraging breeding operations from prioritizing profit over animal welfare. It helps decrease the market for pets bred in mass quantities in commercial settings, promoting ethical and responsible pet ownership.

What should you consider about your lifestyle before adopting a pet?

It is crucial to assess your daily routine and how it aligns with a pet’s needs. A low-maintenance pet may be better if you work long hours or travel frequently. Families with small children should choose a pet with a gentle temperament. Your living situation and available space should also accommodate the pet’s size and activity level. Always consult with a knowledgeable shelter volunteer to find a pet that complements your family’s lifestyle.

Why is it essential to visit the pet at its home before purchasing it?

Visiting a pet at its home is crucial to ensure its well-being and verify the conditions in which it’s raised. It helps you assess the pet’s health, living environment, and the seller’s credibility, reducing the risk of supporting unethical breeding practices.

What are the consequences of buying a pet instead of adopting one from a shelter?

Buying a pet instead of adopting from a shelter can contribute to overpopulation, support unregulated breeding, and leave shelter animals without homes, perpetuating the cycle of homeless pets. Adoption saves lives and reduces these issues. For ongoing care and prevention advice, consider ‘Vet Preventive Care’ services.

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Cindy Wasserman, DVM, JD

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