Boarding & Grooming

At Morningside Animal Hospital, we believe in offering a well-rounded approach to pet care. In addition to our comprehensive suite of veterinary medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical services, we also offer boarding and grooming services to help meet all of your pet care needs in one convenient location. It’s just our way of delivering the best possible service to our valued clients.


Do you have a plan in place for who will care for your pet the next time you leave town? Why not let Morningside Animal Hospital become your pet’s home away from home? Your companion is always welcome to stay with us, where he or she will receive all the care, attention and TLC needed to feel right at home while you’re away.

Our state of the art boarding facility features separate accommodations for dogs and cats, ensuring that all of our guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay. Our canine guests enjoy ample room and plenty of time to play, as well as all the pats and cuddles they could ever need. Felines are provided with comfortable, spacious quarters where they can explore, play or just lounge to their hearts’ content.

We’re happy to accommodate any special feeding or medication requests to help make your pet feel at home and remain as healthy and happy as possible while in our care. All boarding guests must be up to date on all required vaccinations.


At Morningside Animal Hospital, we believe that it’s just as important to keep our animal companions healthy on the outside as they are on the inside. Proper grooming promotes healthy skin and a clean coat and reduces unpleasantries such as excess shedding and odor. This means that when your pet is properly groomed, he or she will be much more pleasant to be around, making it easier for them to become an integral member of the family.

We offer professional grooming services to help manage your pet’s external health. Whether it’s a relaxing bath, an invigorating blow dry, a stylish haircut, or even just a quick nail trim, our experienced groomers will have your companion looking, smelling and feeling their very best. Have a special request? We’re happy to accommodate. Call today to schedule your pet’s next pampering session!