Our Careteam

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Veterinary Technician
When Audrey was a child, she had a Yorkie who had a seizure disorder. Learning how to care for and medicate him sparked in Audrey a deep desire to help other animals as well. Becoming a veterinary technician made perfect sense, as it allows her to fulfill her lifelong dream.

Audrey’s career journey began in 2016, when she was hired as a kennel technician at an animal hospital. There, she worked her way up to the role of technician and hasn’t looked back since. Audrey joined the Morningside Animal Hospital team in June of 2022. Professionally, she enjoys talking with owners and hearing their funny pet stories. She also has a special interest in cytology and running bloodwork.

Outside of the clinic, Audrey has a few fur babies of her own. Remington, her Golden Retriever, is extremely intelligent and a loyal companion. He loves to play fetch and do anything that involves water. When her kitten, Potato, doesn’t have the zoomies, he can usually be found lounging on the windowsill or cuddling with Remington.
Kennel Technician
Bill served in the military for twenty years before retiring to join the civilian workforce. His love of animals drew him to the veterinary industry.

After initially starting his journey on the West Coast, Bill relocated to sunny Florida and joined the Morningside team in 2019. As a kennel technician, Bill enjoys caring for our guests and working with the rest of the staff.

At home, Bill has one fur child of his own: a cat named Little Bill. In his spare time, you can usually find Bill working on his game on the golf course.
Kennel Technician
For a while, Brandon was unsure of what his purpose in life was. Then one day, while visiting a museum with his family, he stumbled upon a stray squirrel that was standing unusually closeby. The squirrel happily approached Brandon and extended its hand towards him, allowing Brandon to admire him. That was the moment Brandon decided that working animals was his calling, and was one of many friendly interactions that Brandon has had with animals throughout his life.now he’s a kennel technician at Morningside Animal Hospital!

As a kennel technician at Morningside Animal Hospital, he takes pride in helping the techs out whenever they require assistance, and appreciates all of the knowledge he’s able to soak up from them. He also likes to take care of all of the animals in boarding, as he gets a chance to admire the different breeds and their unique personalities.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Brandon currently lives in Port Saint Lucie. Outside of being around animals, his favorite activities include traveling, going to the beach and watching movies.
Practice Manager
Nicole’s love for animals is what led her to a decorated career in the veterinary industry. She’s been in the field for over 25 years and counting! Today, she serves as Morningside Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager, through which she gets to enjoy the best of both worlds: teaching people and working with pets.

As a child, Nicole thought about becoming a vet, but her dislike of math led her in a different direction. Instead, she started her journey as a kennel technician but quickly began soaking up everything she could possibly learn about every other position in the clinic. A natural leader, Nicole is beloved by everyone on the MAH team. Professionally, she has a particular knack for handling the “naughty” patients.

Nicole is Mom to two adult children. She shares her home with her three French bulldogs whom she adores more than anything. (Brachycephalic faces are her weakness.) Honey Bee is the feisty one, Rhino (a.k.a. Big Sexy) is the sweet one and Mango is the ‘wild child’ who is always getting into everything.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys boating on the river, taking in the beautiful sunsets and relaxing with her pups and grandkids.
Assistant Manager
Born and raised in Miami, FL, Ashley has always known she wanted to work in the animal health care field. In high school, she was part of the veterinarian program and also joined Future Farmers of America. Today, she is thrilled to be able to work at a job she loves and cuddle with animals every day!

Ashley’s journey officially began when she began volunteering at Zoo Miami. From there, she would eventually move on to achieve her CVA certification. Ashley relocated to Port St. Lucie several years ago and joined the Morningside team in 2017 as a receptionist. She has since moved up the ranks and is now one of our Assistant Managers.

At home, Ashley lives with her husband, Kevin, and their three children. The family has three dogs: a Labrador named Sasha, and two Golden Retrievers named Mia and Cooper. They also have a Bengal cat named Nash.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys crafting, bringing her kids to their sporting events and anything Disney. Ashley is bilingual and can speak both Spanish and English fluently.
Growing up, Aylin always had a special place in her heart for animals – especially strays. Seeing puppies and kittens in need sparked a desire within her to one day make a difference. This is what ultimately drove her to enter the veterinary field. Being able to play a role in helping companion animals live happier, healthier lives brings Aylin tremendous joy!

Aylin joined the Morningside Animal Hospital team in July of 2021. In her role as Receptionist, she enjoys working both with our clients as well as their furry family members. Since joining our team, she immediately began making a positive impact and is loved by all the people and pets she encounters.

At home, Aylin has one fur baby of her own: a dog named Roxy whose favorite thing to do is hide behind a tree until someone throws her football and then run as fast as she can to grab it. Aylin’s personal interests include painting and traveling.
Alyson has always loved animals and medicine, so it makes perfect sense that she’s now a receptionist at Morningside Animal Hospital. Now she gets a chance to be around the furry creatures on a daily basis!

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Alyson was enamored with animals. She was particularly curious about how their bodies worked and functioned, so she knew right away that the veterinary field would be ideal for her. After landing a job in a kennel, Alyson was able to work her way up to Kennel Technician. She garnered 18 years of experience doing so, and loved every minute of it.

When it comes to her current position at Morningside Animal Hospital, Alyson loves the interaction with owners and their pets. Nothing beats playing with and treating all of the puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats that she comes across.

Alyson is married with 2 sons who all share their home with a cat along with two, 2-month old kittens who keep the entire family occupied!
Joanna has been rescuing stray cats for the better part of a decade. One rescue in particular – a 2-year old kitty named Lucie – inspired Joanna to enter the veterinary field. Severely malnourished and extremely ill, Lucie became a familiar face here at Morningside Animal Hospital. Today, not only is Lucie thriving, but Joanna has since become part of the MAH family as well!

While her official title is Receptionist, Joanna does a little bit of everything here at MAH, including helping out with our kennel guests and serving as a technical assistant. Professionally, she relishes kitten and puppy visits. To her, there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to see our furry friends grow up and enjoy amazing lives.

At home, Joanna lives with her three rescue kitties: Anthony, Rain and, of course, Lucie. They are full of energy and always keep Joanna on her toes!
Sometimes a fresh start in a new field is all a person needs. Look at Sam, for example. She had a career in retail management, which she left in search of a new opportunity. Once the world of veterinary medicine came calling, she eagerly answered. Today she’s a veterinary receptionist and vet technician assistant at Morningside Animal Hospital!

When Sam first entered the veterinary field, she was just a veterinary receptionist with no experience. However, after just one year, she had gained an unbelievable amount of experience and was eager to learn even more. She started out in general practice, then moved onto 24-hour emergency practice, and then the next thing she knew, she was entering the Veterinary Technician program at Penn Foster College. Despite all of the challenges she has faced, Sam calls entering the veterinary field “the smartest decision I’ve ever made!”

For Sam, nothing beats seeing a client’s face light up after she’s done everything she can to treat their precious fur baby. It brings about an unbelievable feeling of great accomplishment seeing animals come in sick or injured, and leave the hospital happy and healthy.

Born in Massapequa, NY, Sam grew up in East Stroudsburg, PA with her mother, sister and grandmother. They have stuck by her throughout the duration of her veterinary journey and she appreciates them. Her family has three cats named Baby, who is a diva; Gary, who is shy, and Chowder, who is a feisty fighter. Despite being surrounded by cats, dogs - specifically pugs - are Sam’s favorite animal.

In her free time, you can catch Sam shooting amateur pool. In fact, she’ll occasionally travel to Las Vegas when she’s successful in tournaments!
Veterinary Technician
For as long as she can remember, Cindi has always had a special place in her heart for animals. As such, a career in the veterinary field seemed like a natural path for her to follow.

In her role as a Veterinary Technician here at Morningside Animal Hospital, Cindi has a particular affinity for working with our senior patients. She loves how calm and sweet they can be.

Outside of the clinic, Cindi resides in Fort Pierce with her husband and their three children. Their animal family consists of two dogs: Hank and Zeus; three cats: Koko, Poppi and Kitiana; and a fish named Frank.
Veterinary Technician
Growing up on a lake in the hills of Illinois, Emily has always had an interest in veterinary medicine. Being able to care for animals every day has been an absolute dream come true for her.

Emily began her career journey in 2018, while she was still living in IL. During that time, she worked at two different animal hospitals before relocating to Florida to be closer to family. She joined Morningside Animal Hospital in June of 2021 as a Veterinary Technician and has quickly become an integral part of the team.

At home, Emily has a growing fur-family that consists of a rescue cat named Sandy, and four dogs: two Scotties, named Claudia and Magnus, a brown lab named Bailey and a Great Dane named Lucia.
Veterinary Technician
When Jamaican-born Novia was a teenager, she became a fur-mom to three kittens. The experience sparked a genuine interest in helping, caring for and advocating for companion animals. Her desire to work with animals never wavered over the years, so it came as no surprise that Novia would ultimately end up in the veterinary field.

Several years ago, while in the process of relocating from Orlando to the Port St. Lucie area, Novia decided to officially pursue her career as a Veterinary Technician. After working at an emergency animal hospital for a while, she decided it was time for a change of pace. In 2010, Novia joined the Morningside Animal Hospital team, where she has thankfully remained ever since!
Veterinary Technician
After being influenced by a family member who works with wild and exotic animals, Sheena got the urge to work with animals herself. She has been a Veterinary Technician at Morningside Animal Hospital for the past 8 years, and has loved every second!

Born in the Philippines, but raised in the United States, Sheena always dreamed of one day helping animals. After seeing her beloved pet get hit by a car, Sheena was even more determined to join the veterinary field. Seeing the animal in discomfort and not knowing what to do or say led to her joining the veterinary field. Now, instead of feeling helpless, she gets to spring into action and help other animals who come into the clinic with similar injuries.

When it comes to her duties at Morningside Animal Hospital, Sheena loves assisting with surgery, as it gives her a chance to learn new techniques. She also gets great pleasure when the needs of clients and their pets are met.

In her free time, you can catch Sheena spending quality time with her beloved pet, Echo.
Kennel Technician
Everyone in the veterinary field has their own reason for entering the industry. For Doug, it was his love of cats and a desire to constantly be surrounded by them that lured him into the field. Now, as a kennel technician at Morningside Animal Hospital, he’s able to fulfill his dream every day!

Doug has another deeper, more personal reason for wanting to work with animals. After he moved from Massachusetts to Florida, he was forced to temporarily leave his cat behind. He yearned to be around cats and other animals to alleviate the separation from his cherished feline, and Morningside Animal Hospital was able to provide that comfort for him.

Born in Iowa, Doug has lived in various places including Texas, California, Massachusetts, Germany and England. He credits his globetrotting to joining the Air Force, as it provided him with a chance to see the world. He’s been to almost everywhere he’s wanted to go, although he still has the Arctic and Antarctic on his bucket list.

Doug has been married for 29 years to his wife Kimberly, and they have 5 children (including a set of quadruplets). They also have a cat named Ciara. Doug makes it perfectly clear that while he loves cats, he also loves dogs - especially Huskies!