Are you taking good care of your pet’s teeth? If not, you could be inadvertently placing them in harms way. Healthy teeth and gums provide more than just a solution to bad breath – good dental health can actually improve your companion’s quality and length of life. Without adequate care, your pet’s mouth can become a haven for bacteria, which can eventually lead to dental disease, a serious condition that can cause problems throughout your pet’s entire body. Help your pet beat the odds and enjoy a lifetime of good oral health by investing in quality pet dentistry.

At Morningside Animal Hospital, we’ve got all the dental care services you need to keep your pet’s mouth happy and healthy throughout his or her entire life. We offer preventative dental care services including complete oral exams as well as cleaning, polishing and scaling of the teeth to keep plaque and tartar at bay. We use digital dental radiology to assess any potential issues with the teeth and other structures of the mouth. Our staff of veterinary professionals is also skilled at addressing a variety of existing oral health problems, such as abscesses, tooth repair and extractions.

In addition to professional pet dentistry, we believe that good oral health requires a commitment from you, as a responsible and caring pet parent, to extend the care provided at our office to the weeks and months in between vet visits. We will work closely with you to provide advice on products to try, as well as guidance and demonstrations of dental care techniques that you can employ at home to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean. Together we’ll work hard to ensure that your pet enjoys a happy and healthy smile for life!