Preventative Care

Because our companion animals have shorter lifespans than us, it’s important that they receive regular veterinary care to ensure that they remain as happy and healthy as possible over the course of their lives. Quality animal health care is not just about treating our pets when they’re already sick, but about taking the appropriate measures to prevent those illnesses from occurring in the first place. By making a commitment to provide your pet with routine preventative care, you can greatly improve their chances of living a long, happy and healthy life.

At Morningside Animal Hospital, we place a strong emphasis on wellness care and preventative medicine. We’ve worked hard to develop a comprehensive system of care that is designed to assist our patients through every life stage, addressing all of their changing needs as they occur over time. From your pet’s first check-up to the annual or semi-annual visits to monitor his or her ongoing health, to the specialized care he or she will receive as a senior, we’re prepared to work with you every step of the way to provide your companion with a lifetime of good health.

Our preventative care services include thorough “nose to tail” physical examinations to look for any inconsistencies in how your pet’s body is functioning. Our doctors will ask you a series of questions to assess your pet’s specific needs so that we can create a more personalized care plan. A customized vaccination plan will be developed, as will an appropriate parasite prevention strategy. We’ll also weigh your pet and provide advice for ensuring that their nutritional needs are being met.

In addition to monitoring your pet’s current health, preventative care visits also provide our experienced veterinarians with the opportunity to identify potential medical concerns early and address them right away – often before they have the chance to develop into a more serious and costly problem. It’s always easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it once it’s progressed.

Finally, preventative care visits allow all of us at Morningside Animal Hospital to get to know you and your pet on a more personal level. We believe that forming a strong, lifelong bond between doctor and patient allows us to provide the best possible care over the life of your pet. We want to form a partnership with you with the shared goal of keeping your pet happy and healthy for many years to come, and it starts with a solid foundation of quality preventative health care.