Nutrition & Weight Management

Good nutrition and a healthy weight are just as important to our animal companions as they are to us. Supplying your pet with a well-balanced diet is a great way to help extend their life and improve their overall health. Yet, with so many pet food products on the market today, how can you be sure you’re providing your pet with the right one to support his or her optimum wellbeing? The staff at Morningside Animal Hospital is experienced in all aspects of animal nutrition and we can provide you with all of the guidance you need to get your pet on the road to a lifetime of good health.

We’ll begin by assessing your pet’s unique lifestyle and specific needs so that we can develop a customized nutritional profile. We can then use this information to determine which food products would best support your companion’s ongoing wellness. We can even create special dietary plans that specifically address a variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, and heart disease.

Another area of concern that we’ll address is your companion’s weight. Pets that are carrying even a few extra pounds are placed at a greater risk of developing a number of serious, chronic and painful medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Obesity can even shorten your pet’s lifespan. We want to help establish an appropriate exercise plan that will help your pet achieve and maintain their ideal weight range. Even if your pet is older or disabled, we can determine the right type of physical activity at the appropriate intensity level, to keep your pet fit and healthy.

At Morningside Animal Hospital, we know you want what’s best for your animal companion, and we do too! Let us work with you to develop the perfect nutrition and weight management plan to help bring out the very best in your pet.