February Is Dog Training Education Month

Have you recently adopted a puppy? That’s great news! Now that your little fella has settled in, have you started to notice his penchant for chewing on things, like slippers and couch cushions? When this happens, a little dog training can go a long way towards keeping your home intact and keeping little Fido out of trouble. In recognition of Dog Training Education Month, here are a few tips on how to train your pup.

Lead With “Pawsitive” Reinforcement

When Fido does something wrong, you want him to see training as a good experience and yelling doesn’t accomplish this. Instead, reward good behavior with treats and try to redirect him towards other activities when he’s engaged in bad behaviors.

Establish House Rules

Decide what your new pup can and can’t do before you bring him home. Should he be allowed on the bed? On the furniture? Will he be allowed in any room of the house, or will certain areas be off-limits? Make these decisions beforehand. And once he arrives, always be consistent so he doesn’t get confused.

Train Your Pup to Come When Called

The “come” command should be the first thing little Fido learns. When training him, be sure to use his name. Also, don’t forget to get excited and praise him when he does it right.

No Biting and Nipping

When your pup starts biting or nipping at your hand or leg, try giving him a chew toy or a bone as a replacement. You can also try interrupting the behavior and then ignoring him.

Discourage Jumping

Jumping up on you or anyone else can quickly become a bad behavior that’s hard to break, so you’ll want to discourage it right away. Turning your back, and ignoring the behavior, then praising Fido when he settles down is a good way to stop this behavior.

In addition to basic obedience training, it’s important to teach your dog how to behave in specific situations, such as when they’re in the garden. Check out our article ‘Teach Your Dog to Behave in the Garden‘ for tips on how to prevent digging, chewing, and other destructive behaviors in your outdoor space.

Give Fido His Own Space

Dogs need their own space, just like humans do, so make sure your little pup has his own private place to sleep, like a crate or a dog bed situated in a separate room.

Reward Good Behavior

Always, always, always reward baby Fido for good behavior. You can do this with toys, treats, and lots of praise.

If you have more questions about dog training or need the name of a good trainer in your area, please feel free to contact us your local animal clinic in Treasure Coast, FL. We can help! Regular check-ups through our Vet Preventive Care service can also help ensure your puppy stays healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations as they grow and learn.

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