How to Gauge Your Ferret’s Mood

If you have recently brought a ferret into your Treasure Coast home, you’ve likely been kept on your toes by this curious little cutie. While ferrets all have individual personalities, there are some mannerisms they share as a species. Here are a few tips that may help you decipher your little pal’s frame of mind.


Ferrets definitely react strongly to fear. They can hiss, screech, or release a very unpleasant stench. If your ferret is exhibiting any of these signs, remove him from the vicinity of whatever it was that caused this reaction, and put him back in his cage.


Happy ferrets are quite adorable to watch. They may hop around a little bit, doing what looks like a cute little dance. They’ll also hold their heads up high, and may chitter a little in excitement.


Ferrets can be quite playful. If your furry little friend wants some playtime, they may run up to you and then run away, or even nip at you a little bit. Don’t let your ferret get away with nipping, as this can develop into a biting habit down the road.


Angry ferrets may be small, but they can be quite ferocious. A ferret that is mad may hiss, glare, or even sulk. Most ferrets won’t bite if they were properly socialized, but it isn’t unheard of either.


If a ferret is checking out something new for the first time, he may act in a few different ways. He may go right up to it, slowly circle it, sniff it, or start making cute little noises. He could also shy away, put his head down, and hiss. Some ferrets will simply run and hide, but this depends on their personality.


Ferrets in pain will try to mask their condition as much as possible, as a defensive measure against predators. If a ferret is sick, however, he may flatten himself out and squint. Ferrets don’t normally squint, so if you see yours doing this, contact your vet.


Ferrets can be very emotional at times. You may be surprised to find your ferret is prone to depression. Like humans, ferrets will grieve the loss of a friend, either human or animal. Sad ferrets may spend time in areas their buddy used to frequent. They may also slouch, flatten themselves out, and sigh. Unlike sick ferrets, sad ferrets won’t squint.

Ferrets are quite inquisitive, charming, and frisky little pets. Contact us, your local animal clinic in St. Lucie County, FL!

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