Morningside Animal Hospital is helping the Gulf Coast!

Morningside Animal Hospital is organizing an area wide clinic supply donation center for the Gulf Coast! For advice on preparing for emergencies with your pets, see the article ‘Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners‘.

We would like any hospital that is willing to set up a donation box to collect supplies for animals in need in Texas and Louisiana.

Supplies Needed: Bedding and beds, dog and cat food dry and canned, litter pans, bowls, toys, shampoos, paper towels, regular towels crates, cages, small pet foods, and cages. Bottled water would also be great, along with any other supplies you could spare. For pet care services in your area, including ‘Pet Boarding and Grooming,’ contact our hospital.

This is not affiliated with our hospital or any other, we just want to help animals in need, which is why we went into veterinary medicine in the first place.

Thank you for helping us help those in need!

Contact us, your local animal clinic in Treasure Coast, FL!

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