Respiratory Infections in Birds

Respiratory ailments are one of the most common health problems that veterinarians diagnose in pet birds. Here, a Treasure Coast vet discusses these dangerous disorders in more detail.


There are different types of respiratory infections, and each has various causes. Fungal spores that cause infections can be found in water, food, nests, incubators, and various other areas. Your bird could come in contact with the spores and be infected. The spores lodge in the air sacs of your bird’s lungs, and can spread to the bronchi, trachea, voice box, and even other body organs over time.


Symptoms of respiratory infections in birds include difficulty breathing, listlessness, depression, lethargy, and lack of appetite. Infections can severely damage the lungs, and there can even be bone changes and reshaping of the nose, trachea, and voice box areas. If the infection migrates to your bird’s central nervous system, spasms, loss of coordination, and paralysis could even result. You must contact your veterinary professional at the first unusual symptom in your pet.


Your Treasure Coast veterinarian will take steps to diagnose the infection to determine proper treatment. Any symptoms will be dealt with as necessary, and anti – fungal drugs or other medications—depending on the type and severity of infection—will usually be prescribed to rid your bird’s body of the infection. Usually, the prognosis is good if the respiratory infection is caught and treated early enough, so it’s imperative you get your bird to the vet as soon as possible.

Preventing Infections

You can do your part to minimize the risk of your bird becoming infected with a respiratory disease. Keep your bird’s environment clean and sanitized properly. Always make sure there is adequate ventilation in your bird’s immediate area, whether it is a cage, carrier, or outdoors. Maintain your bird’s personal hygiene, and make sure his diet is top – quality. Refresh water often and remove uneaten food when necessary.

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