Take a Fun “Staycation” With Your Dog

Perhaps you’re planning a different type of vacation this year. You may have enjoyed the balmy beach, the frosty ski slopes, or an energizing weeklong cruise in the past. However, this year brings special circumstances, so you’ll be sticking close to home. But here’s the best part: your furry friend can be your partner for a series of one-day “staycations.”

First, bring your dog to the veterinarian for a physical checkup to make sure your pooch has the “thumbs up” to join you for several fun activities. Here are some possibilities:

Human-Canine Spa Day

Give yourself — and your pup — a luxurious manicure/pedicure. Treat your lucky canine companion first, beginning with a soothing massage for his paws. Next, carefully trim his nails, being careful to avoid cutting them too short. When you’re finished, reward him with his favorite toy (or a vet-approved treat) while you pamper your own nails. Afterward, step out for a walk to show off your handiwork.

Canine Movie Marathon

Reserve your favorite dog-themed movies, and clear your calendar for the day. Relax on the couch (or the floor) with Toby, and bring in appropriate snacks. Watch each film at your own pace, rewinding the sections that showcase the star canine character. Finally, if you think your dog-owning friends might enjoy this offbeat activity, invite them and their compatible pooches to the party.

Canine Clothing Swap

Clothing swaps enable you to snag appealing clothes while sharing your own great-condition pieces. Expand that concept by hosting a human/canine clothing swap. Ask your dog-owning friends to bring surplus apparel items. Invite their pooches to tag along with extra sweaters, leashes, and accessories. Ensure that safety-focused dog gear such as leashes and harnesses are in great condition. When the swap has concluded, donate remaining items to an animal shelter.

If you’re a proud Yorkie owner, you might want to plan your staycation around a special day dedicated to this beloved breed. February 22nd is Yorkie Day, a celebration of these spunky little dogs and their unique personalities. Check out our article ‘Yorkie Day‘ for fun ideas on how to honor your furry friend and make the most of this special occasion.

Relaxing Doga Session

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about Doga, a human-canine yoga experience. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy this relaxing session in which you stretch and bond with your pooch. Many yoga studios offer this distinctive activity. If your studio isn’t familiar with Doga, ask if your instructor would be willing to launch a class, with you and your pup as the first eager participants.

When Toby next visits your veterinarian for a checkup, share the details of your invigorating “staycation” events. For recommendations on more human-canine activities, contact us for an appointment. And if you’re planning a longer getaway without your furry friend, our Pet Boarding and Grooming service can provide a safe and comfortable home away from home for your dog while you’re away.

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