Thanksgiving Safety for Your Cat or Dog

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re ready for feasting, family, and fun. Make sure your dog or cat has fun too, while staying safe. Follow these tips from a Treasure Coast veterinary professional.

Turkey Scraps

It’s okay to feed your pet a small scrap of turkey or two as a Thanksgiving treat, but make sure they’re not overly fatty scraps. Also make sure the meat doesn’t contain any bones, and ensure it’s cooked fully the whole way through. Raw or undercooked meat is never safe to feed pets, as it may contain salmonella bacteria or other harmful substances.

Don’t Overindulge Your Pet

You can give your pet a small Thanksgiving treat, whether it be a few small scraps of cooked turkey, a dab of potatoes or a chunk of pumpkin pie, but just make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep the portions very small, as too much human food can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, or other more serious health concerns. Don’t make a habit of giving your pet the leftovers the week after your big meal, either! Also make sure your pet isn’t allergic to any foods you give him. If your pet has dietary sensitivities or allergies, consult a professional for ‘Pet Allergy Management’ services. For more information on foods to avoid feeding your dog, check out the article ‘Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog‘.

Avoid Bones

Even cooked turkey bones can splinter apart, lacerating your dog’s esophagus or puncturing the stomach lining if you slip your pooch a bone. We might have an image in our mind’s eye of dogs happily munching on and burying bones, but in reality it’s safest to avoid them entirely. Dispose of bones properly in the garbage.

Watch the Garbage

Make sure your garbage bags are safely stored in a sealed garbage can. A curious pet may stumble across an easy-to-tear garbage bag in the kitchen and chow down on all manner of things. Coffee grounds, bones, and other dangerous or toxic foods could be ingested, leading to a case of poisoning.

Call your Treasure Coast, FL vet to get more helpful tips on keeping your pet safe this Thanksgiving, so you can have a healthy, happy, and fun-filled day with everyone!

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