House Calls

As a caring and responsible pet parent, we know you always want what’s best for your animal companion. We also know that bringing your pet in for veterinary care isn’t always possible. Whether it’s because your pet is too ill to be transported, they suffer from vet visit anxiety, you have too many animals to bring in at once or you simply can’t fit it into your already jam-packed schedule, Morningside Animal Hospital believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality veterinary care. We’re happy to bring a number of our services to you so your pet can be cared for in the comfort and security of their own home.

Many of our valued clients rely on our house call service, not only for the convenience it affords to those with a busy schedule, but because it allows their pets to receive the quality veterinary care they need to stay happy and healthy in an environment that makes them feel safer and more comfortable. This can greatly improve the overall care they receive, as it reduces the level of stress and anxiety often associated with trips to the vet, and provides for one-on-one attention from our vets.

House call service is also helpful for multi-pet households, because it makes veterinary care much more organized and efficient. Rather than having to schedule multiple appointments or transport multiple pets at one time, our doctor can deliver veterinary care to all of the pets within your home in one visit. We are able to conduct many of our preventative health care services, including physical exams and vaccinations, as well as sick visits through our convenient house call service.

Whatever the reason visiting our office is a challenge for you, we’re happy to assist. We want your pet to receive the quality of care he or she deserves, even if it means bringing that care to them. Ask today to find out if our house call service would be a good option for you.