Advantages of Owning an Older Pet

Looking to get a pet, but don’t want to bring home a brand-new puppy or kitten? In fact, owning an older pet has many advantages. A St. Lucie County veterinarian discusses a few of them below.


Grown-up dogs or cats have probably already spent several years living with humans, so they’re socialized and used to a life with us. An older pet knows how to act around humans, how to take a walk, how to travel, etc. Many will already be house trained, and learning the new bathroom procedures at your home will only take a few days at most.

Many older pets may have even received training earlier in life, and they come already wired to respond to commands. You may just be able to say “sit” or “down” and they’ll follow suit.


Not looking forward to keeping up with the boundless energy of a new puppy or the constant frolicking of a newborn kitten? Consider choosing an older pet. They don’t have the energy that a newborn does, so they’re simply relaxing to spend time with. They’re probably more content to curl up next to you on the couch or relax on the sundeck when you’re laying out.

Destructive Behavior

No one enjoys the destructive behavior that is inherent with a new puppy—adopting an older pet will ensure that you don’t have to deal with the chewed-up shoes, furniture, and purses that come along with a pup. An older cat or dog usually has no real desire to tear things apart or chew things up.


If you want to train your older pet to learn new commands or tricks, it should be quite a lot easier than getting a puppy or kitten to learn them. Adult pets can focus more easily and they may have prior experience with training.

Contact your St. Lucie County vet to learn about more advantages of adopting and owning an older pet.

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