5 Reasons to Get Your Cat a Cat Tower

Did you know that cat towers are actually very good for our feline friends? While providing quality food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, lots of love, and a few toys will see to Fluffy’s basic needs, a cat tower will provide several great benefits. In this article, your local vet lists five reasons to get Kitty a tower.

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Setting a cat tower in front of a window with a view is almost guaranteed to keep your furball entertained for hours. Our feline friends are very curious and love to explore, but face many hazards once they leave the safety of your home. Fluffy can get a taste of the outside world without being exposed to danger from predators, cars, or other hazards.


Many kitties enjoy high places, and it isn’t uncommon for people to find their feline friends staring down at them from the tops of bookcases or refrigerators. Kitties are little, and, from ground level, have a somewhat limited view of the world. Climbing up to a higher spot will help Fluffy feel safe and secure, and will allow her to survey her territory from a secure place.


Have you ever caught Fluffy scratching the corner of a chair or sofa? Kitty has an inherent need to scratch, as Mother Nature taught her long ago that manicures are very important. Fluffy’s claws are not there just to rip up your sofa: those sharp little daggers are crucial tools for hunting, survival, and defense. In the wild, trees provide excellent scratching posts. Indoors, cat towers are the next best thing!


Exercise is great for our feline friends, both physically and mentally. Your feline pal might love climbing, jumping, and playing on her tower. Even if Fluffy only climbs onto the tower and immediately dozes off, it’s still going to boost her activity level a bit.


Kitties do pretty well at finding themselves comfy spots to nap in, but that doesn’t mean Fluffy won’t take full advantage of her tower, especially if it lines up with her favorite sunbeam. Towers with one enclosed level may also help shy kitties feel more secure, as our feline pals tend to feel very safe in small, high places.

Do you have any questions about your furry friend’s care, health, or behavior? Contact us, your local animal clinic in St. Lucie County, FL now! We are always happy to help! Remember, regular check-ups through our Vet Preventive Care service can help keep your cat healthy and catch any potential issues early on, ensuring they can enjoy their cat tower and other fun activities for years to come.

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