Your Dog Might Love These Challenging Sports

Your retriever mix Apollo is chomping at the bit for a new challenge. This clever four-year-old canine enjoys his dog park runs and neighborhood walks, but he’s clearly ready to launch his mind and body into something different. Fortunately, you’ve read about several increasingly popular canine sports your energetic pooch might enjoy. Before you sign Apollo up, however, your veterinarian will carefully evaluate his overall physical condition.

Flying Disc Follies

Apollo has been playing with flying discs since he was a teenager. However, he doesn’t know that this simple yard game has evolved into a two-part competition. If he competes in the “toss and fetch” round, he’ll have 60 seconds to catch as many discs as possible, over progressively longer distances. The “freestyle” event allows you and your dynamic dog to perform a choreographed routine that might use high-energy music. Your athletic pooch can run, do flips, and rapidly catch one disc after another, to wow the audience.

Flyball Races

Since your high-energy dog is a running machine, and could chase balls for hours, he might enjoy some flyball races. This fun-to-watch sport involves four-dog teams that participate in a canine relay event. During every heat, each team member runs through the course at lightning speed. After leaping several hurdles, he catches a tennis ball that he released by stepping on a pad. Once that dog returns to the starting line with the ball, the next pooch gets underway. Your canine housemate’s athletic build and competitive nature make him a good fit for this challenging experience.

Dock Diving Meets

If your water-loving dog can’t stay out of your neighbor’s pool, consider getting him into dock-diving competitions. In this entertaining sport, dogs leap from a raised dock or platform into an enticing expanse of water. Each dog wants to jump farther than his competitors, with the winning pooch often racking up some impressive distance. In a related event, dogs try to retrieve a dangling object while they’re at the highest point in their jump. Although leggy Apollo might excel in the Open Class, your terrier mix could take home the trophy in the length-adjusted Lap Class competition.

By keeping Apollo involved in a healthy, challenging sport, you’ll help him to stay in tip-top physical shape. When he next visits your veterinarian, you’ll have lots of engaging stories and pictures to share.

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