Super Fluffy Cat Breeds

Cats are, in our opinion, among the cutest and most lovable animals on the planet. Their adorable little faces, quirky mannerisms, and silly antics definitely make them hard to resist! Our feline friends come in many different colors and patterns, from fluffy to sleek to even bald. If you’re looking for a new furry pal, and prefer fluffy cats, you may want to look into these super cute, super sweet, and super fluffy breeds!


These popular kitties date back as far as 1869 BC, and their fluffy coats and adorable faces have made them household favorites. Persians tend to like things calm and serene, but they are quite adaptable, and many enjoy nothing more than a good conversation with their owners.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are nothing if not adorable! These inquisitive, friendly furballs have super fluffy tails, very pretty fur, and adorable markings. Maine Coons are also known for being charming conversationalists: if Fluffy is a Maine Coon, she might make adorable trilling or chirping sounds.


The Ragdoll just might be the most laid-back kitty around! These fluffy, blue-eyed felines are notorious for being super cuddly, and enjoy nothing more than flopping at their owners’ feet or on their laps. Ragdolls are very calm and affectionate, and make absolutely fantastic family pets.

Norwegian Forest Cat

These gentle giants are very active and are full of curiosity. The Norwegian Forest Cat is quite cuddly, and does well with dogs and children. You’ll want to keep a brush handy for these furballs, as all that fur does require a lot of attention!

While fluffy cats are undeniably adorable, their soft, plush coats often require extra grooming to prevent matting and tangles. Many cats also engage in a behavior called kneading, which can be both endearing and painful for their owners. To learn more about why cats knead and how to manage this behavior, check out our article ‘Kneading In Kitties‘.


Another fluffy furball, the Birman used to keep Burmese monks company, before being introduced in Europe around the 18th century. These cute kitties tend to be pale with darker points, and are definitely in the running for being the most adorable kittens on the planet. Sweet and calm, the Birman and her cousin, the Turkish Van, make wonderful pets.


These Russian kitties are extremely playful and very affectionate. Siberians are known for being friendly and full of energy. They also have a huge fluffy tail that is super cute! Smart and active, Siberians generally get along very well with both children and other pets.

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