5 DIY Dog Toys

Many people are trying to save money these days. Crafty types, and those who enjoy DIY projects, can not only save quite a bit of money by building their own things, but also have fun doing it. If your pooch tends to go through toys as quickly as you can replace them, you may want to try making your own. You might realize that you already have everything you need to make homemade doggie toys in your Treasure Coast home.

Tee Shirt Rope Toys

You can make Fido a new rope toy in just a few moments. Cut an old plain-colored tee shirt into even strips, and braid it. You can put holes in an old tennis ball and slide it down the rope to make it a bit snazzier.

Knotted Towel Toys

This one is also very simple. Rather than delegate an old towel to rag duty, tie a few solid knots in it, and give it to your canine buddy.

Beef Stick “Pupsicles”

If your dog likes a bit of ice, why not make him a beefsicle? Put a beef chew or treat stick in a cup of water, freeze it, and pop the ice out of the cup. Your canine pal may really enjoy this on a hot day. You don’t want to give Fido too much ice at once, so don’t make it too big, or give him more than one at a time. Size wise, aim for something along the lines of a regular popsicle. You can also pick up an ice cube tray just for your canine friend, and freeze dog treats in water or beef broth.

Tennis Ball/Sock Toy

Tie a tennis ball into an old sock, and then sew it shut. Cut and braid the other end. Presto!

Chew Toys

You can use old clothing, towels or rags for this one. Cut the material into strips, making sure to remove any buttons, glitter, or zippers. Then choose one item for the exterior, and sew it like a pillow. Turn it inside out to sew the first three and a half sides, and then reverse it and put in the ‘stuffing’. Sew it shut and you’re done!

There is no shortage of DIY toys you can make to keep your Treasure Coast home stocked with sufficient toys for Fido. Just keep a few precautions in mind. Stay away from anything with small parts your pooch could swallow, such as bottle caps. If your pup is a serious chewer, toys made from plastic bottles may not be the best option, as Fido could bite into them, or even ingest small pieces.

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