Basic Parrot Care

Saint Lucie County is home to many beautiful birds, both wild and domestic. Parrots are lovely and intelligent, and make wonderful pets. They rank among the most intelligent bird species, along with ravens, crows, and magpies, and are best known for their uncanny ability to mimic human speech. These colorful beauties have very long lifespans, so if you are considering getting a parrot, make sure you are able to truly commit to your feathered friend. Parrots are very social animals, and need quite a bit of attention. You’ll want to make sure you have room for a fairly large cage, as these enchanting creatures do need ample space in order to thrive.


One good method to ensure your feathered buddy is getting adequate nutrition is to give him three bowls. The first bowl should have water, the second should contain pellets, nuts and seeds, and the third would be for fresh fruits and veggies. You can also give your parrot a variety of treats. Apples, berries, bananas, cherries, even bits of dairy and small amounts of cookies are safe. Avoid alcohol, coffee, chocolate, caffeine, and avocado, as these are all very toxic for your winged pal.


Many things you may find in a typical household can be toxic or even deadly to parrots. The list of possible toxins is quite long, but some of the more common household items which are dangerous to parrots include aerosol sprays, air conditioning, alcohol, small balls or beads, cat litter, candles, oil, halogen lamps, pens, and potpourri. Avoid anything pine scented. Cats are also dangerous to parrots, and not just in a predatory manner. Cats often carry bacteria which are harmless to humans, but can be deadly to birds. Make sure not to let Kitty play with your bird, because even a swat from Kitty’s paw could transmit the bacteria.


Clipping is necessary for your parrot’s safety. Unclipped parrots can injure themselves very easily in a typical house. Pots and pans, open doors, ceiling fans, and even windows can prove hazardous to an indoor bird.

If you choose to bring one of these lovely, enchanting creatures into your Saint Lucie County home, please feel free to contact us with any questions on your parrot’s care or behavior.

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