Understanding Your Cat

Your feline friend may be a bit of a mystery at times. She may race from one end of your Treasure Coast home to another, sleep for a while, become fascinated by a simple toy, and then decide to demand attention. Cats are nothing if not unique, and sometimes they can be a bit challenging to figure out. While cats do meow at us, sometimes quite vehemently, much of their communication is nonverbal.

Flipping Over For Belly Rubs

This is the ultimate sign of Kitty’s trust. It’s also a fairly blatant demand for attention, but we’ll focus on the first meaning. If your feline friend is offering you that furry belly to rub, this mean she completely trusts you. That cute tummy is the most vulnerable spot on a feline body, and therefore is the area they are going to protect the most. Kitty bellies may be a little magical; it’s hard to rub one without smiling.

Rubbing Against Your Legs

Many people assume this endearing habit is a sign of a cat’s affection. While this isn’t exactly incorrect, there’s a bit more to it than that. When Kitty is rubbing against you, she is subtly marking you with her scent, or, in other words, claiming ownership. Cats also have a way of doing this at dinnertime, so it’s also possible that Kitty’s ancestor’s realized this leg rubbing tends to get them fed more quickly.

Tail Position

Kitty’s tail can be a marker of her mood. A cat who is feeling defensive or territorial may ‘poof’ her tail out. If that little tail is twitching just slightly, your feline friend may be irritated or grumpy, but if that tail is lashing back and forth, Kitty is probably angry. A cat whose tail is straight up may be feeling quite sociable or curious.


Did you know that when your cat blinks at you very slowly, she is sending you a signal of trust? Cats don’t close their eyes in the presence of danger, or even possible danger, so the slow blink is another way your feline friend is displaying her trust and affection for you.

These are just a few examples of what Kitty is telling you with her body language. She will also communicate verbally, and we do encourage you to talk back. You may have absolutely no idea what she is trying to tell you, but for her part, she may understand more than you think.

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