Holiday Gifts for Pets

You’re probably going to pamper your kids, relatives, parents, or even yourself this holiday season—don’t leave out your pets! Try some of these pet gift ideas from a St. Lucie County veterinarian.

New Bed

Has your dog or cat been sleeping on that same old pet bed in the corner for several years? Consider giving your pet the gift of a nice plushy bed this year. She’ll love the softness and warmth of a cushiony new bed. Try arranging some soft blankets to make it even more delectable.

New Toys

What dog or cat doesn’t enjoy a new toy to play with every once in a while? Pamper your pet with some new playthings this holiday season. Just make sure they’re safe and don’t have any breakable pieces that could present a choking hazard. You can ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.


Try giving your pet a doggie sweater or small booties. They will look adorable, and help protect your pet on the chillier walks. All sorts of pet clothing is now available for dogs and cats—find it at your local pet supply shop or retail store.

New Treats

Select a new brand of treats to give your pet to switch things up from the same old routine. Try to select treats that aren’t high in fat or calories. You may even consider a treat that has a health benefit, like digestive improvement or dental cleansing properties. Your dog or cat will love the treats without even realizing they’re good for her health!

Professional Grooming Session

If you really want to go all-out pampering your pet, take her to a professional pet grooming salon. Get her nails trimmed, her coat trimmed and fluffed, or even spring for a pet massage. Your pet will look and feel great after the session. For more information on the benefits of grooming, see the article ‘The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming‘. Call your St. Lucie County, FL vet’s office to ask about these salons and for the location of the closest reputable salon in your area.

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