New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

Try something fun this New Year: making a resolution for your pet. Here are some ideas for healthy resolutions from our veterinarians.

Lose Weight

It’s probably the most common New Year’s resolution amongst humans; why not apply it to our pets? If your pet is overweight, put her on a diet and maintain an exercise routine. Losing some pounds will help stave off heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and a host of other diseases. Consult your veterinarian about the proper procedure for putting your pet on a diet, as well as tips for fun and healthy exercise to help your pet burn calories. For more information on identifying and managing pet weight issues, see ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Overweight‘.

Grooming Routine

One area in which pet owners tend to slack off is grooming time. Dogs and cats alike can benefit from regular grooming sessions—these might include brushing, nail trimming, and bathing. Grooming sessions not only keep your pet looking and feeling great, they count for great bonding time between pet and owner! Promise to give your pet grooming sessions in appropriate increments this year.

Learn New Tricks

Even if your pet is older and past the stage where she learned most of the tricks she knows, it’s never too late to learn another! Make a resolution to teach your pet at least one or two new tricks this year. They can be fun things, like twirling or playing dead, or useful commands like going to a spot or fetching objects.

Cut Back on Treats

Along with too much food and improper exercise, loads of dog or cat treats is another main contributor to obesity and poor health. Make a resolution to cut back on the amount of treats you slip to your pet. Try to use them when training your pet or when the animal has done something worth praising, and not overdo treats that are “just because.”

Ask our veterinarians in Treasure Coast, FL about the proper diet and exercise routines for your pet, as well as other healthy ways to implement your pet’s resolution moving into the New Year.

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