How an Orthopedic Bed Can Help Your Senior Pet

Your ten-year-old golden retriever Molly is quite the pampered princess. This lucky girl has always enjoyed a top-notch diet, boxes full of toys, and several faux jewel collars. Even better, she has reclined on plush, monogrammed beds in her favorite colors. Now that your canine housemate’s getting older, though, you’ve begun to research ways to minimize stress on her body. Your veterinarian has provided suggestions on keeping your dog comfortable. Molly’s especially interested in orthopedic beds, which fortunately are available for both dogs and cats.

Foam-Finding Exercise

Molly’s pleased that her new orthopedic bed will incorporate body-cushioning foam. She’s familiar with memory foam, which provides a cozy nest by molding itself to her shape and weight. Extra-support orthopedic foam sounds even better. Egg-crate foam goes a step further, warming her body in chilly weather and cooling her off when it’s hot.

Bells and Whistles

After consulting with your vet, you’ve chosen the best foam for Molly’s needs. Select a bed that accommodates her weight and allows her to perform a full-length stretch. Your warmth-loving pooch might enjoy a heated indoor bed, especially one with a chew-resistant electric cord. By using a machine-washable cover, you can give her sleeping spot an instant pick-me-up. If your canine companion decides she’d rather have a warmer, softer sleeping surface, you can easily replace the casing.

Broad-Appeal Beds

Molly’s senior canine friends, some of whom have hip dysplasia or arthritis, have snapped up every orthopedic bed they can find. They’re pleased with the sleeping surfaces’ efficient weight distribution, along with the extra support for the dogs’ joints and muscles.

These innovative beds also appeal to the younger canine set. Surprisingly, wriggling puppies minimize their risks of joint and muscle ailments by relaxing on the trendy sleeping spots. Very active pooches, such as service or working dogs, can’t wait to stretch out their muscles after a long day’s work. Post-surgical canine patients also find them quite comfortable, a welcome development since these dogs might have considerable recovery times.

Proper Bed Introduction

Place Molly’s orthopedic bed in a draft-free location. Encourage her to sniff and explore this trendy new furniture piece before removing the old one.

When Molly next visits your veterinarian, he’ll be pleased that your dignified senior dog is relaxing in luxury and comfort. To learn more about orthopedic beds, contact us for expert advice.

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