Petiquette – How to Raise a Polite Kitty

Good manners are very important, not just for people, but for animals too! Just like people, cats develop many of their opinions and manners while they’re young. How Kitty is treated and taught to behave as a kitten will have a huge effect on how she acts as an adult. Therefore, for your kitten to grow up into a well-mannered cat, it’s very important to encourage good ‘petiquette’ while she’s little. In this article, your vet offers some pointers for raising a polite kitty.

Teach Proper Scratching Habits

Making sure your tiny furball learns proper scratching manners is crucial! If Fluffy grows up sharpening her claws on your sofa, it will be much harder convincing her to use a scratching post later.


Socialization is very important for little kitties! Cats that are properly socialized as youngsters tend to be much friendlier and well-behaved than those who weren’t. Having some friends come over to play and pet little Fluffy will help her feel friendly and relaxed around people.

Have Stimulating Conversation

Some kitties are more talkative than others, but kitties who are frequently spoken to are often the most interactive. Talk to your furball! Little Fluffy may not know – or even care – what you’re saying, but she’ll understand that you’re paying attention to her.

Discourage Play Attacks

This is a big one! Kittens are nothing if not playful, and it may be tempting to let your frisky baby furball pounce on your foot or attack your hand. If your furball thinks it’s ok to play rough, you’ll have a tough time changing her habits when she’s grown. Channel that playful energy towards kitty toys, and, if she pounces on you, say ‘No’, walk away, and ignore her for a while.

Draw The Line

Just like children, kitties need some boundaries. Don’t let your feline friend do anything now you don’t want her doing as an adult. Jumping on counters is one good example.

Positive Reinforcement

Negative reinforcement can confuse little Fluffy, and even make her anxious or scared of you. Never punish a kitten. If she misbehaves, just tell her ‘No’ in a firm voice. You can also discourage bad habits by using a squirt bottle or startling her with a loud noise.

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