Keeping Your Pet Safe Around the Holidays

It’s that special time of year again! Holiday parties, decorations, and food all add to that special holiday bustle. Your beloved pet may need a bit more monitoring than usual during the seasonal festivities, as some of the season’s trappings can be quite dangerous for animals. In this article, your local vet Treasure Coast gives some tips for keeping pets safe during the holidays.


Those delicious holiday dinners are right around the corner! Pets tend to end up with some special tidbits in their food bowls this time of year. We know, it’s hard to resist those big soulful eyes during the season of giving. Just be sure to always put your pets’ safety first. Chocolate, onions, garlic, chives, and avocados are all very toxic to animals. Be sure not to inadvertently give your pet something that could harm them. Onions, garlic and chives are often used as seasoning, so be extra careful not to give your furball something that has these ingredients in it. Alcohol is also very dangerous for your furry friends! Be sure not to let your furkid get into the punch or eggnog, and keep all alcohol safely out of your pet’s reach.

Santa’s Little Helper

Little children are often besides themselves with excitement during the holiday season. Visiting youngsters may not be aware of the dangers of giving small tidbits to a pet, and may innocently try to include Fido in the festivities. Make sure that any small visitors don’t inadvertently give your pets something that could hurt or choke them. If you’re looking for fun, safe ways to celebrate special occasions with your pet, check out our article on “Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday” for great ideas that will keep the tail wagging safely.


All those holiday visits and parties may make for a lot of people coming in and out of your house within a short period of time. If you are hosting a holiday party or dinner and are expecting a lot of guests, you may want to put Fido and Fluffy in a bedroom, especially when people are coming and going. Pets can get spooked or overexcited by the arrival of so many people at once, and may try to bolt through an open door.


People love to ring in the New Year with lots of noise, which can be great fun for us but absolutely terrifying to an animal. Keep your pets safely inside during the New Year’s celebrations.


Tinsel, lights, ornaments, ribbon, and yard decorations can all be hazardous to pets. Make sure to hang your decorations safely out of your furball’s reach.

Contact us, your local animal clinic in St. Lucie County, FL, for all your pet care needs. Regular preventive care is key to keeping your pet healthy, especially during the busy holiday season. Learn more about our “Vet Preventive Care” services to ensure your pet stays safe and enjoys the festivities with you!

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