Home Alone: Keeping Your Cat Entertained

Your recently adopted cat, Moxie, has been thoroughly enjoying life with your family. Moxie loves her new bed, her toys, and especially the quality kibbles she scarfs down every day. In short, Moxie’s got it made, and she knows it. However, you want Moxie to keep purring even if no one’s home to play with her. Learn more about several ideas that might keep Moxie entertained. Also ask your Treasure Coast veterinarian for his suggestions.

Create a Feline Amusement Park

Give little Moxie her very own feline amusement park. Even if space is limited, position a nice carpeted cat tree and scratching post in a convenient nook or corner. Add hanging cat toys, such as a dangling feathered bird or furry mouse. If Moxie has a favorite window, place her playground equipment there, giving her a great vantage point from which to ogle the birds and squirrels. If your home has a bay window, this makes a perfect base of operations for Moxie’s vicarious explorations.

Try Out the Treat Puzzles

If Moxie seems to enjoy a challenge, and she’s permitted a few snacks, buy her some treat toys to challenge her mind. While these toys will contain Moxie’s favorite treats, she can only reach her kibbles by opening a catch or turning the toy a certain way. Besides giving Moxie a good mental workout, she’ll likely improve her muscle coordination and strength.

Find Your Cat’s Musical Mojo

Some cats, perhaps including Moxie, seem to remain calmer when listening to specific types of music. If you don’t know your cat’s musical tastes, start with some soothing classical selections. Focus on pieces that feature strings and pianos; and stay away from ringing trumpets and booming drums. Or, choose some peaceful meditation music, often used for yoga classes and personal reflection time.

Get Your Cat a Companion

If Moxie’s looking a bit lonely, consider getting her a feline buddy. Once you find the right fit, the two cats will love each other’s company, and they’ll likely tire each other out from playing so much. First, discuss this idea with your vet, and ask for his recommendation. If he thinks Moxie will benefit from a playmate, your local animal rescue group or animal shelter has plenty of adoptable cats available.

When Moxie next visits her Treasure Coast vet, you can report that your cat is a well-adjusted feline lady who fits perfectly into your family.

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