National Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? There are many senior pets in desperate need of ‘furever’ homes. Older animals make wonderful, loving pets, yet, sadly, they are often overlooked in favor of younger pets. If you are looking for a new furry friend, you may want to consider adopting an older animal. In this article, your local vet Saint Lucie County goes over some advantages of adopting senior pets.


Senior pets, unlike younger animals, are usually already fully trained. There are some very obvious benefits to getting an animal that is already housebroken!


Older pets are generally much calmer and more docile than younger ones. Rather than knock you off your feet greeting you when you return home, or hauling you halfway down the block chasing a squirrel during walk time, an older pet may quietly nudge your hand and be content just plodding slowly along. If you’re a calm, quiet type who prefers reading or watching movies over going to a dog park, an older pet may just be a better match for you than a rambunctious youngster that needs lots of exercise.

Less Destruction

Senior animals are often less apt to engage in destructive or overly-frisky behaviors. An older dog will be less likely to dig or chew, while senior cats are much less liable to pounce on your feet or attack your hands.


Sadly, many pets are abandoned by their families when they begin to age, often after years of complete devotion. When these unwanted pets end up in shelters, they don’t understand what has happened to them, and often become depressed, frightened, and confused. Animals are fully capable of realizing when they have been saved, and will repay your kindness with affection and love.


Older pets are just as cute as baby animals in their own way. It’s very heartwarming to see an old dog or cat dozing in a sunbeam.

No Growing Phase

Since senior dogs have already reached their full size, you don’t have to wonder how big they will get, or what they will look like full-grown. This applies to temperament as well. Senior pets have already developed their personalities, so you don’t have to worry about what changes time will bring.

As the saying goes, Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal. If you have the resources to help even one animal, you’re still bringing about a positive change in the world.

All of us at your vet clinic Saint Lucie County want to wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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